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Code of Conduct

Onehunga High School is committed to a partnership with its parents and community. In order for this partnership to give every student the best possible chance of success, we all need to be clear about what we can reasonably expect of each other.

The School Code of Conduct

1. Show respect for others

This means
• listening when others are talking
• taking care of other people’s things
• encouraging and supporting others
• allowing other students to do their work.

2. Do quality work

This means
• using your time well
• doing the BEST work you can
• THINKING about the work you are doing
• trying to learn new things
• presenting work neatly, effectively and on time.

3. Be a successful citizen

This means
• taking care of other people’s things
• taking care of your school
• wearing your uniform correctly

General Rules

• All drugs including alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited. All smoking materials are prohibited. Any student who is a member of a group where smoking occurs is considered equally at fault.

• Dangerous and undesirable materials such as knives or explosives are prohibited.

• Bicycles are not to be ridden in Pleasant Street. They must be wheeled on the footpath. Cyclists must wear a cycle helmet.

• Students are encouraged not to drive motor vehicles to school. They may do so only with parental permission.

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