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Fees / Costs

1. School Donation: This covers part of the cost of sports equipment, library books, co-curricular activities and school publications. It may be used for any purpose (including capital expenditure) that the Board may from time to time consider desirable in the interests of students. The 2019  School Donation will be $180 per student or $300 per family. Note: These fees are for New Zealand students only. International students should apply to the school for information on the fees structure.
Payroll Giving System
The Taxation Act 2009 amended the Income Tax Act to allow employees to make charitable donations through their employer and receive immediate tax credits for this. Employers can choose to make Payroll Giving available. The Act came into force 7 January 2010 and applies to the school donation only. By using payroll giving you have a choice of paying the school donation off each payday and you will receive your tax credit at the same time. If you are able to use this facility Onehunga High School would be most appreciative.

2. Materials Fees: These are paid in those subjects where materials are used. Details are included in the Academic Programme book and will be included in fees statements in Term One.

3. Sports Fee: A fee is charged for involvement in sports. This fee covers part of the cost of ground hire, affiliation entry fees and equipment. 

Single term sport (eg junior touch in Term 4, senior volleyball in Term 1) - $50. Winter sport, which runs across Terms 3 and 4 - $80.

$80 is the maximum charge.  A student who plays a summer sport in Term 1 and pays $50, and then registers for a winter code will only be required to pay a further $30 to make it up to $80.

4. Student ID Cards: $6.50.

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