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Your welfare and safety are important to us. Your parents are sending you far from home for your education, and are anxious about you while you are in New Zealand. Therefore, good homestay and excellent pastoral care is important.

We have a full time homestay co-ordinator responsible for managing all our homestay placements.  You are able to contact the Homestay co-ordinator at any time if there are problems.

As the school is responsible for your welfare during your time at Onehunga High School, you must live in school approved homestay accommodation. You will not be allowed to live in independent accommodation.  Homestay accommodation is arranged with New Zealand families living close to the school.

For your homestay payments you will receive a fully furnished room, and all your meals and laundry done. You also have access to help at all times and your care in homestay is closely supervised by the homestay co-ordinator. We hope you will join in the family activities of the household.

You must not change your homestay without prior permission of the homestay co-ordinator and the school. Should you wish to leave your homestay, two weeks notice must be given. If you wish to retain your room at your homestay while you are away during holiday periods you must pay a retaining fee.

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