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Education Outside the Classroom

Education Outside the Classroom

Specific Programmes

Active Lifestyles

All Y9 and Y10 students are invited to participate in Active Lifestyles Week in November / December each year.

Y9 involves a range of workshops and sports day activities at school and in the local area. Students visit Stardome and take part in a range of workshops including Careers, Dance, Spoken Word and Sustainability.

Y10 involves an Outdoor Education Camp and several day trips in the Auckland area. Students participate in activities such as Kayaking, Surfing, Beach Awareness and Team Building activities.

Within Curriculum Areas

There are a wide range of trips that students undertake as part of their curriculum programme while at school. These trips are used to complement and reinforce learning within each curriculum area and form an important part of the course work. Details of trips can be found in the School’s Academic Programme in the course details.

Overseas Trips

Groups within the school organise trips overseas. These recently included a trip to China and Taiwan to look at how business works internationally.

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